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Raised in the small mountain town of Conifer, Colorado, Megan and Carrie were raised by creative and crafty parents. Through their long involvement with Girl Scouts, they developed a love of keeping idle hands active, and have spent many years exploring all types of crafts...much to the dismay of their husbands. Now, however, they've found similar passions in sewing, but with two very different ways of expressing their creativity - and thus began MystFyre Creations


With a background in music, anthropology, and over 30 years as a librarian, Megan loves art and expression in all it's forms. Quilting gives Megan a chance to indulge her introverted self, while visiting markets and teaching allows her to creep away from her basement lair and see the sunlight occasionally.

With a focus on quilt piecing and longarm quilting services, Megan's partial to bright colors and contrasts that showcase the geometry of traditional quilt block design.

When not quilting, Megan can be found wrestling with her teenagers and dogs, listening music of every sort, or curled up with her nose stuck in a book...preferably the sort of book that includes a dragon or two...

Megan in England.jpg


Carrie’s gifts with numbers and logic led her to a career in hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, where she focuses on systems and structures that channel surface water safely and efficiently. Though she enjoys working directly in the field, much of her time is spent on the computer, modeling various spillways, floodplains, and other water-related puzzles. 
With her penchant for puzzles, Carrie finds that sewing purses and other complex objects are a great way to keep her brain engaged while relaxing from work. She says that the process of “birthing” a bag (turning it inside-out when the final stitches go in) is incredibly satisfying. It’s fun to see how all the little pieces that you’ve been working with and have tucked away inside the bag magically turn into a whole when everything is right-side out!
In her free time, Carrie can also be found wrestling with her teen and three dogs, grabbing a good book, or experimenting in the kitchen.

So why MystFyre?

So why Gaelic names? Well - we first thought about using names of dragons in literature, like Farli (Anne McCaffrey is the BEST) or Temeraire (we love you Naomi Novik!!), but we thought that might be a bit too esoteric. So, the next best esoteric thing? Gaelic! And since our family collective noun is "FitzElHeimer" - it fit right in, whimsically speaking.

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